NANO 2020 International Conference on Nanotechnology and its Applications

 NANO 2020 

International Conference on Nanotechnology and its Applications 

22-23 January 2020 

Salahaddin University-Erbil, Iraq 

Jointly Organised by 

  • Ministry of Industry & Minerals
  • Corporation of Research & Industrial Development (CRID)
  • Salahaddin University-Erbil (SUE)
  • NANOCAT (University of Malaya) (UM)


  1. Dr. Saleh Abdullah Aljabori (Minister of Industry & Minerals)
  2. Dr. Aram Mohammad Qadir (Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ Kurdistan Regional Government)


NANO 2020 is designed to encourage extended free discussion of current results and on-going related research in the separate themes. Topics include, but are not limited to the following areas:

Conference Flayer 1
Conference Flayer 2

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Presentation can be either oral or poster. The allocated time for each oral presentation will be 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of question and answer session. All presentations will be spoken in Arabic or English.


    • Who should attend?
    • Academicians from Universities or Research Institutes.
    • Scientists and Researchers.
    • Post-Graduate Students.
    • Representatives from Industries.
    • All other interested individuals.

The registration is FREE OF CHARGE including participation in all scientific sessions


The presented papers will be reviewed for consideration to be published in the SCOPUS Journal

Deadline for receipt of Abstracts: 31 Oct 2019
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 15 Nov 2019
Deadline for Full Paper Submission: 15 Dec 2019


Mr. Ammar Abdullah Hammad

Scientific Advisor Ministry of Industry & Minerals

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anwar Dezaye

President of  Salahaddin University-Erbil

Eng. Abdulgani Fakhri Al-jaffar

General Manager Corporation of Research & Industrial Development

Prof. Dr. Mohd Rafie Johan

Director of Nanotechnology & Catalysis Research Centre, (UM)


 1- Dr. Eng. Ahmed Younus Qasim(CRID) – Chairman
2- Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri (UM)
3- Prof. Dr. Luay Abdulqader Ali(SUE)
4- Mr. Jalal Abdulazeez Mohammed Ameen (SUE)
5- Dr. Hashim Mohammad Zahraw (CRID)
6- Mrs. Ban Essam(CRID)
7- Mr. Hoshmand Rafiq Ibrahim(SUE)
8- Mrs. Alaa Abdulzahra Naji(CRID)
9- Dr. Sadiq Kadhm Taban (CRID)
10- Mr. WardanOmeed (CRID)
11- Mrs. Huda Ahmed Abed(CRID)
12- Mr. Herdn Ibrahim Ahmed (SUE)
13- Mr. Hardee Abdullah Qader(SUE)


 1- Prof.Dr. Mustafa Saber Alatar/University Of Salahaddin / Erbil

 2- Prof.Dr. Mustafa Said Omer/University Of Salahaddin / Erbil

 3- Dr. raid Abd Elwahab Ismaeel/University Of Technology /Applied Sciences Department

 4- Dr. Omer Alani/University Of Salford / United Kingdom

 5- Dr. Noor Aliya Binti hamizi/University Of Malaya /Malaysia

 6- Prof.Dr. Sherko Abd al Karim  Baban/University Of Salahaddin / Erbil

 7- Dr.Tamer Zaki Sharara/ Nanotechnology  Center  / Egyption Petroleum Research Institute

 8- Dr.Abd Alsalam kurdi Almohammedi/Arabic  Center for  Nanotechnology  / Egypt

 9- Dr . Waleed al Bazaz/Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research / Petroleum Research Center

 10- Dr. Ahmed Saleh/American University / Sulaimania

 11- Dr. Omer Abd Alsatar Abd Alrazaq/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development /Environment Power researches Center

 12- Dr. Aziz Zaman Chowdhury/University Of Malaya /   Malaysia

 13- Prof.Dr. Abas Burhan kader/University Of Salahaddin / Erbil

 14- Dr. Hazim Jassim Mohammed/The State Company for Drugs Industry & Medical Appliances / Samarra

 15- Prof.Dr. Azeez Abdullah Barazinjy/University Of Salahaddin / Erbil

 16- Dr. Farouk Abdallah Rasheed/University Of Sulaimani

 17- Mr.Riyadh mohammed  Noman/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development/Chemical and Petrochemical researches center

 18- Dr. Hassan hadi Abdallah/University Of Salahaddin / Erbil

 19- Dr. Fadhil Kareem Farhan/University Of Al Karkh / College of Power Sciences

 20- Dr. Abd al kareem Mohammed Ali/University Of Baghdad /  College of Sciences

 21- Dr.Abdallah Abd al kareem Adnan/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development/Chemical and Petrochemical researches center

 22- Dr. Laith Aljibouri/University Of Essex /United Kingdom


 1- Dr. Mazen Abd Al khaliq Othman/University Of Salahaddin

 2- Mr.Yasser Abd Alwahed/Corporation of Research  and Industrial Development

 3- Mr.Hussam Abd Asally/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development

 4- Mrs.Nancy Nabih/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development

 5- Mrs.Alaa Fayad Ali/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development

 6- Miss.Nawar salah/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development

 7- Dr. Vian Farooq Hussien /University Of Salahaddin

 8- Mr.Ehsan Falah Hadi/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development

 9- Mr.Bahaa saadi Ismail/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development /Packing and Packaging national center  

 10- Mr.Falah Hassan Ahamedi/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development / Ibn al Betar center

 11- Miss.Karawan Azz Eldin /University Of Salahaddin

 12- Mrs.Aseel Thamer Mohmmed/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development

 13- Mr. Zaid Hassan ibrahem/Corporation of Research and Industrial Development


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Each accepted paper will receive an international identification code – the “Digital Object Identifier” (DOI), which is registered with the International DOI Foundation.