Linguistic Diversity, Social Equality and Development in the Humanity Sciences Colleges at Salahaddin University-Erbil – SUE Conferences

Linguistic Diversity, Social Equality and Development in the Humanity Sciences Colleges at Salahaddin University-Erbil

College of Languages at Salahaddin University-Erbil

Assist. Inst. PhD. ABD.: Heyder Sabir Hasan

Assistant Professor PhD.: Ali Mahmood Jukil 

Erbil, Kurdistan




The study is about linguistic diversity and social equality at the humanity science departments at Salahaddin University-Erbil. The term linguistic diversity refers to the students’ linguistic local and academic varieties, the adopted academic languages at the higher education in Kurdistan Region which they are Kurdish, Arabic and English. Really, Turkumani and Syriac are the means of instruction at the schools in which the speakers are the majority Turkumani and Syriac. So, students of diverse languages and varieties enroll at the universes.

As that the students who enroll at the humanity science colleges come from sociolinguistically diverse residence (rural and urban), class (socio-economic), political, linguistic, religions, gender, education and identities backgrounds, inequality problems rises on one hand. And on the other hand, the problem is that they are not academically proficient in the required academic and everyday communication languages. All the students other than their first language, they are supposed to be proficient at least in two of three additional languages.  And the academic linguistic diversity i.e. Kurdish, Arabic and English directly affect their development.

The study aims at finding the sociolinguistic diversity obstacles that affect learning and development. And find proper solutions for those issues that directly influence the students’ performances.

The study includes the abstract, the theoretical issues and literature review, aims, research questions, methodology of data collection, data analysis, results, findings, conclusions and recommendations.

A questionnaire was constructed on the basis of the related contents of the study and some resources. It is adapted for the university senior students’ attitudes. It contains thirteen items about the participants’ information background, sixteen likert scale items and an item asks for the participants comments or note about the linguistic diversity and social equality.

It is concluded that the linguistic diversity is adopted and adapted in the departments. And accepted and respected by the university stakeholders. But, the de facto or practica of linguistic diversity implementation requires more accurate related techniques of teaching, learning such as socialization processes in the implementations that help the students actively and skillfully learn the academic languages, this is to help the students to have the ability to comprehend the contents of the curricula and have the ability to enroll in the lifelong national and international development and careers of marketing.

Key Words: Linguistic Diversity, In/equality, identity and Development.

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