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Improving Speaking Skills with Storytelling Strategies

1KanarZirak Haseeb Chicho
English Language Teaching Department, Education Faculty, Tishk International University – Erbil

2Ahmed Hussin Abdulla
Independent Researcher



Language educators aim to promote speaking skills because speaking skills are one of the productive skills that make language learners create meaningful conversations and dialogues with the target language. There are different methods and strategies for promoting speaking skills, such as communicative language teaching (CLT) and story-telling strategies. CLT aims to have communication and discussions in the class, and so does the story-telling. The researchers conducted studies on making foreign language learners speak the target language. They concluded that enhancing speaking skills requires actively involved students, and for that, the language instructors need to use some tools and strategies. Moreover, the story-telling strategy involves the students practicing their speaking skills, and this technique aims to improve their speaking skills in a real-life situation. Thus, this research paper explores the values of story-telling strategies in the EFL classroom. A qualitative research design was implemented, and the data was collected from secondary sources such as research articles. For analyzing the data, a thematic analysis was used. The results demonstrated that story-telling was highly sufficient in improving speaking skills. It enhances the capacity of capturing new vocabularies, fostering pronunciation. It also enables the learner’s imitation skill, expanding the learner’s communication, including their criticality, and increasing the learning desire to use the target language. In brief, story-telling strategies help the language learners to use the target language, and it also helps the learners to improve their speaking skills.

Keywords; Language teaching, speaking skills, story-telling, communication, EFL classroom

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